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"In spite of several releases from artists I absolutely love in 2014, it is not stretching the point to say that Tom Levin’s Them Buffalo is the finest album I have heard in 2014. You will be hard pressed to disagree."
Wildy's World

Live at Heart Songwriting Award "Tom Levin is a complete singer / songwriter. A brilliant composer, lyricist, singer and guitarist, with a remarkable ability to convince the listener that every little word is true."
Live at Heart

Best albums of 2014 "These artist and their albums need to be heard /.../ When taken apart, the two albums of Them Feet and Them Buffalo truly show off the versatility in Levin’s writing style. When taken together, the two releases make for a very enjoyable listening experience"
The Rock And Roll Report 

”Them Buffalo, his latest 10-track work of art. I use the phrase work of art here rather than record or album because it truly is one. 
Good Vibes Music Reviews

”Tom Levin is a unique musician with an authentic sound, his gruff voice and enchanting instrumentals make for a compelling album. ‘Them Buffalo’ uses American mysticism and folklores to create an album of short stories with a country and western feel.” Puremzine.com

"Swedish singer-songwriter Tom Levin’s Them Buffalo is work full of substance and grit. A kind of anti-venom for whitewashed indie music that is often touted as “authentic.”"
The Vinyl District 

"Tom Levin is a breath of fresh air, a thinking man’s songwriter with a distinct and powerful voice to match his songs. If you haven’t heard Tom Levin you owe it to your ears"
Cashbox Magazine, Canada


2016 will start off with Tom Levin being part of an international songwriting camp in Austin, Tx hosted by The House of Song. Then the week after peform an official showcase at Folk Allinace in Kansas City.

2015 saw Tom Levin winning the music festival Live at Heart's songwriting award. At the Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm Tom also had his first ever art exhibition with processed still frames from his self edited music video ”Different Drum”. It was also the year when Tom Levin initiated and created SweFolk. SweFolk’s vision is to created long-term collaborations giving Swedish folk artists and songwriters a natural doorway to the North American market. 

In 2014, Levin surprised listeners by releasing two related albums "Them Buffalo" & "Them Feet" (as CD released as a double album). Both albums received rave reviews where one U.S. critique claiming "Them Buffalo" was the finest album he heard in 2014.

Although Levin grew up and now resides in Sweden, it was as an exchange student in Alaska he discovered he could sing and later living in Australia he began writing songs. When Tom returned to Sweden he formed the band, Tennis, and in 1996 their first single, "Shyway", reached the top ten on Sweden's biggest radio chart (Sommartoppen). In 2002 he started his own label and released his first solo album, "Saving Grandma". His follow up album, “Me, my band that I älskar, Kasper and a bunch of friends” form 2005, proved successful, reaching #1 on the "New Music Weekly Charts" in the USA with over 1,000 spins a week with the single "Just". In 2006 Levin won the New Music Award in the U.S. for "Male Artist of the Year". Other nominees included John Mayer and James Blunt. Ever since he's been a favorite of American critiques  and his "Unfair In My Favor" (2008) and "Tooth and Claw" (2011) both found their way onto music writers’ seasonal best lists.

Tom frequently performs in Sweden as well as in North America and recently performed at Folk Alliance, the Cutting Edge festival in New Orleans and at Canadian Music Week in Toronto. 

Tom produced his fifth and sixth album, Them Buffalo & Them Feet, together with producer team Dark Lama. The sound was built on Tom’s love of American roots music while gaining new inspiration elsewhere in everything from Swedish indie-pop to hip-hop. The albums include an array of instrumentation: guitar, mandolin, banjo, pedal steel, organ, saxophone, trumpet, hand claps, foot stomping and some programming creating an earthy genre defying ambience that’s difficult to put a specific finger on. 

- In writing the lyrics, I wanted to make songs with a positive feeling. Thoughts of what I want to communicate to my children and thoughts of what I leave behind have been a great source of inspiration, says Tom.

Some of the songs on "Them Buffalo & Them Feet” were co-written when Tom took part in The House of Songs first visit to Sweden, during the fall of 2013, where artists from all over the world and different genres came together to write music. This experience eventually led to Tom initiating SweFolk.

If you want to know more about Tom Levin then listen to his autobiographical song “Once I almost killed a horse
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Esoteric, recondite facts:

Has worked as a mason in France.
Was a member of the Mounted Guard at the Royal Castle in Stockholm.
Owned his own hotdog stand. 
Had Rod Stewart as a supporting act.
Did the graphic design for Ericsson’s’ winning boat in the Volvo Ocean Race 2009.
Has had picture book for kids published.
Sung the part of Pilate in Jesus Christ Superstar.
Does voiceovers.
Works as a consultant within e-commerce.
Initiator and Executive Director of SweFolk
And once he almost killed a horse.

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”Not usually do we tend to find musicians making their way to American audiences with such impact”

"Tom Levin’s Them Buffalo, proves to be a stunning record that is filled with folk-rock tendencies. The music of Tom Levin will appeal to music listeners from all over the board…and with a songwriting talent like his, it is to be expected."

"On his newest album, 'Them Buffalo,' the Swedish singer-songwriter gives his mystical take on indie folk that is brilliant and captivating"

'"For the second time in a year, Swedish singer-songwriter Tom Levin has released a very strong album."
Matheson's Entertainment Blog

”With the excellent Them Buffalo, Levin once again reminds us that he is an artist of depth and substance.”
IndependentArtistBuzz, Alex Henderson

”This new album consolidates everything that once made him a best-new-artist phenom – even as Them Feet explores new musical complexities.”
Nick DeRiso, Somethingelsereviews.com

”I’ve put myself on a diet of just two plays a day: what a addictive record Them Feet (Cut The Mustard) by Tom Levin is turning out to be!”
Hugo Vogel, Altcountry.nl

"It is an intriguing and fascinating album for which you will want to take time – one that slowly reveals its secrets.”
Johan Schoemakers, AltcountryForum.nl

"Tom Levin - Det bästa i sitt slag"
Anna Sims, Nya Wärmlandstidningen 

"Han har ett sätt att sjunga som fängslar. Som är så övertygande att det får mig att tro på varje litet ord"
Dennis Andersson, Barrometern OT

"Lägg ett öra eller två extra och lyssna på hans texter, här finns mycket at hämta och fröjdas av."
Björn G Stenberg, Uppsala Nya Tidning

"Sånger som förtjänar en bred publik."
Anders Mårtensson, Kistianstadsbladet 

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