For M.L.King

(Music by Tom Levin. Lyrics by Tom Levin & Cole Ruth)

The man with a dream said we’re all the same
He was on fire, he was on fire
Jesus’ blood was in his veins
Living and dying, his people were crying
Some called him a liar others called him King
Fighting the world was the hardest thing

They heard him coming and they called him brave
They said he’s pushing his luck into a future grave
He faced their judgment and he forgave
He kept on pushing his love into a future grave

When I see the footage from the hurricane
Water’s been flowing, hatred’s been growing
When the children ask me I cannot explain
Why they’re still crying, why bullets are flying
I don’t want to believe that he dreamt in vain
Still I just stand here with a growing shame

Where are the fighters, the free and the brave
They keep on pushing their luck into a future grave
What will it take to change the way we behave
We keep on pushing our luck into a future grave