I Raise My Flag

(Music by Tom Levin, Lyrics by Tom Levin & Aimee Bobruk)

You can hide in your bubble
Turn from the struggle
It’s easy, lying low

Erasing a rainbow
Won’t hide what we all know
It only makes for a fight

Now I rise to celebrate my freedom
Now I rise to show you where I stand
Now I rise to live and let my colors fly
I raise my flag on high

There’s a kid on my TV set
For her there’s a real threat
And no get away

Liberation from fear
The voice of new frontier
Awakes a part of me

Now I rise cause something in me says so
Now I rise to realize a dream
Now I rise for something much grander than I
I raise my flag on high 

If I fail to act despite the motion
Can you tell me in a line or more 
What the hell then is the notion of liberty for