June’s Memory Lane

(Music & Lyrics by Tom Levin)
Inspired by a story written by Kent Nerburn called "A sweet lesson in patience" 

I’m in no hurry
She said I’m on my way to hospice
I shut the meter off and asker where to go

Went by a ballroom
Where she’d been dancing as young girl
Past the church where she got married then her childhood home

A life passing by
The city night in rain
I took her on a drive down memory lane

We road in silence
She pressed her face against the window
I saw the sparkle in her eyes untouched by time

She put her fear aside
And she forgot the pain
As buildings came alive down memory lane

Arrived in the morning
Kissed my cheek and she said thank you
Now I know that I can leave it all behind

And as she waved goodbye
I asked her for her name
Returning home I drive June’s memory lane
Returning home I drive June’s memory lane