Me, My Band That I Älskar, Kasper And A Bunch Of Friends, 2005

Me, My Band That I Älskar, Kasper And A Bunch Of Friends, 2005

CD Album: Me, My Band That I Älskar, Kasper And A Bunch Of Friends


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"A jaw dropper. Choirs wait behind every corner. I’ll have to listen to it many times before I dare to believe that it’s real!"

Casino P4, Lisa Wall

"Throughout all of the songs there is a beautiful and relaxed attitude, and Tom’s voice is a big part of that /…/ Behind the CD’s ingenious title, there are a whole lot quality songs that have Tom Levin written all over them. /…/ There’s inspiration here from blues and gospel, there are many strong melodies. The lyrics to You don’t need your God are understated and definitely demand reflection. An interesting new release."

Norrbottens-Kuriren, Micke Forsberg

"A tasteful mix of singer-songwriter, pop, gospel, country and a drop of jazz. The album reaches its greatest heights in the collaboration with Immanuel gospel on the tracks Save me now, Throw in a t-shirt and You don’t need your god, but the material is strong throughout and I am really taken with it" /…/ "Me, my band that I älskar, Kasper and a bunch of friends sounds so good that I can’t stop playing it./…/, Roger Bengtsson

"Sumptuous and fatal rock poetry"

"Check out `I miss her missing me´. That’s exactly how it feels."

Fredrik Virtanen, Aftonbladet

"These are songs so surprisingly strong that they deserve the best possible framework/…/ Tom Levin writes very good lyrics; it doesn’t even seem strange when he becomes a bit didactic. We can only hope that listeners will appreciate his great songs, appealing arrangements and genuine craftsmanship."

Värmlands Folkblad, Björn Stefanson

"Magical, low-key alternative rock. A blend between the majesty of Pink Floyd and the subtle presence of a singer-songwriter /…/ This unbelievably well-crafted album makes you feel good in every way."

Nya Wärmlands Tidningen, Anna Sims

"Tom Levin is an unusual Swedish artist, in part because of the time he spent in Alaska and Australia and in part because of the sound of his music. Tom Levin's music is as American sounding as anything coming out of the states. His mix of americana, country, bluegrass, pop and even gospel would fit on just about any AAA station in this country (compare to Josh Rouse, Robert Earl Keen or Joe Henry). "



1. Perfect If We Had Lied
2. Alaska
3. The Greatest Day
4. You Don't Need Your God
5. I Miss Her Missing Me
6. Please Disturb Me
7. Save Me Now
8. The Man Who Cannot Love
9. Catch You When You Fall
10. Just
11. Lunch Week 53
12. Throw In A T-shirt
13. I Thank You