My Love Will Remain

(Music by Tom Levin & Rikard Carlsson, Lyrics by Tom Levin and Shawnee Kilgore)

Life is play
Just living out the stories that you tell
Back on your feet in the same motion as you fell

Mad and brave
Seeing something no one else can see
Your adventures are your poetry

I heard my mamma say

How wish I could shield you
From the dark and the rain
When the world tries to steal you
My love will remain
My love will remain

Years run dry
You stumble into drought when you compare
Let my worry show you I still care

I’ll hold your light
When all the should haves make you lose your heart
We choose to grow together or apart

I heard my mamma say

All the life that you’ll live through
Our mistakes are the same
It’s my heart I will give you
and my love will remain
My love will remain

Time won’t wait
Every moment borrowed for a while
Now is in the eyes of something wild

Days are graced
Knowing through it all we did our best
There’s no ending, just a place to rest

Everything will change

Oh I know I can’t keep you
From a world up in flames
May these words never leave you
My love will remain
My love will remain