Reviews of the album Them Buffalo

"In spite of several releases from artists I absolutely love in 2014, it is not stretching the point to say that Tom Levin’s Them Buffalo is the finest album I have heard in 2014. You will be hard pressed to disagree."
Wildy's World 

”Them Buffalo, his latest 10-track work of art. I use the phrase work of art here rather than record or album because it truly is one. 
 / ... / Them Buffalo is nothing all too clean-cut – and that’s exactly how it should be. Levin is gruff, and he tells it like it is through accounts of love, bison, bearded men, and varying personalities. What results is a hauntingly beautiful, honest account of life."
Good Vibes Music Reviews

"Swedish singer-songwriter Tom Levin’s Them Buffalo is work full of substance and grit. A kind of anti-venom for whitewashed indie music that is often touted as “authentic.”"
The Vinyl District 

"On his newest album, 'Them Buffalo,' the Swedish singer-songwriter gives his mystical take on indie folk that is brilliant and captivating" 

"Tom Levin is an artist that has grown consistently with each album. His songwriting gets better and better. If he has an album out in any given year, it is bound to be one of that year's best, and Them Buffalo is no exception. Don't let 2014 go by without giving this album a listen."
The Certifiable Wenches 

”Tom Levin is a unique musician with an authentic sound, his gruff voice and enchanting instrumentals make for a compelling album. ‘Them Buffalo’ uses American mysticism and folklores to create an album of short stories with a country and western feel.”

"Tom Levin’s Them Buffalo, proves to be a stunning record that is filled with folk-rock tendencies. The music of Tom Levin will appeal to music listeners from all over the board…and with a songwriting talent like his, it is to be expected."

"Sweden’s Tom Levin releases an impressive collection of songs with “Them Buffalo,” released the tail end of 2014. The sixth record from this musical mastermind"

'"For the second time in a year, Swedish singer-songwriter Tom Levin has released a very strong album. When taken apart, the two albums of Them Feet and Them Buffalo truly show off the versatility in Levin’s writing style. When taken together, the two releases make for a very enjoyable listening experience."
Matheson's Entertainment Blog

”With the excellent Them Buffalo, Levin once again reminds us that he is an artist of depth and substance.”
IndependentArtistBuzz, Alex Henderson

”Tom Levin’s dreamy vocal work is a pleasurable accompaniment to his folk rock soundscapes which leaves listeners with a charming collection of tracks.”
The Great Record Chase

”His often foot-stomping-folk-rock tendencies are instantly enticing”
Ninjas Prove It 

"Levin has a remarkable knack for building foot stomping tracks, that bring his latest release to fruition."

"Tom Levin has once again crafted a staggeringly wonderful record teeming with sound, emotion, and character. If this was the only record he released in 2014 it would’ve been a blessing to music fans; but being the second one makes it something more than a song, or a review can say"
Heath Andrews Reviews

”To say Levin’s voice is heavenly is possibly an understatement. It definitely moves you and would even work as a stand alone piece sans instrumentation.”
Got My Head in the Clouds


Reviews of the album Them Feet

"Tom Levin is a breath of fresh air, a thinking man’s songwriter with a distinct and powerful voice to match his songs. If you haven’t heard Tom Levin you owe it to your ears to get a hold of Them Feet."
Cashbox Magazine, Canada

"Them Feet is not built on any measure of perfection, unless you consider the vitally accurate rendering of streams of the human heart as perfection. If you do, then Tom Levin has created as near to a perfect album as you could hope for. / ... / Levin’s lyrical style might be dubbed “conversational reverie”, as he mixes memories and moments into his current observations with a poet’s touch. The music is stripped down and accessible, but never fails to hide his pure pop genius. Them Feet is brilliant in its imperfection.”
Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World

”Like a twisted blend of Cracker, Tom Waits and Jason Isbell filtered through the sensibility of the Coens’ Fargo, Swedish artist Tom Levin defies the “sanctity” of genres with this riot of a single off his latest album Them Feet.”

”With an intoxicating, at times recalcitrantly fierce voice the Swede excels in a wide variety of genres such folk, acoustic blues, country, indie pop and 70s new wave / … / With its dark undertone between faints thuds and hypnotic, rhythmic layers that stay on the good side of bombastic the positive feeling and a certain intimacy runs like a red thread through Tom's fifth album. It is an intriguing and fascinating album for which you will want to take time – one that slowly reveals its secrets.”

"Them Feet is an incredibly interesting listen; Levin's delivery is full of soul and passion, and when combined with his driving percussion-laden arrangements, layered harmonies and catchy melodies, there are no weaknesses on show. Levin has used instruments in unconventional ways, which is truly refreshing to hear."

”I’ve put myself on a diet of just two plays a day: what a addictive record Them Feet (Cut The Mustard) by Tom Levin is turning out to be!” 

”One thing that's consistent throughout this album is the quality of Tom's songwriting. His lyrics evoke a myriad of emotions. They make you think as well as feel.” /…/ ”Them Feet is a must listen for 2014. If you haven't heard Tom Levin, you are missing out on some great music.”
The Mistress of the Dark 

"Tom Levin has produced brilliant sounds on his albums, along with clever lyrics. The artist sends off strong vibes of the realistic truth about his previous experiences with his own unique style. His sounds are quite similar to Johnny Cash, only a lot more modern and upbeat."
New Reviews

”This new album consolidates everything that once made him a best-new-artist phenom – even as Them Feet explores new musical complexities.”

The one thing all of the songs on the album do have in common is the fact that Levin knows how to reach you, emotionally. Because of that, this is one release that definitely proves that Levin is a very good songwriter."
Matheson's Entertainment Blog 

"With Them Feet, Tom Levin continues to raise the bar for himself. Comprised of great songwriting that echoes from the heart and creative yet approachable arrangements that draw you in time and time again, the only crime here is that Levin’s name is not known more prominently. Give this one a listen; you won’t be sorry you did."
Andrew Greenhalgh, Musicwriter

"Delivered with an esoteric worldview, “Once I Almost Killed a Horse” by Tom Levin, is a revealing autobiographical epistle of love shrouded in black humor."
Bucket Full Of Nails

"Tom Levin - Det bästa i sitt slag"
Nya Wärmlandstidningen

"Tom Levin har levert en familiær og nærgående plate. Det er meningen at du skal bli påvirket. Humoren er også til stede, det er trøkk, det er ro, det er følelsesbetont og ikke minst er det alt i alt svært så bra. Disse svenskene, altså, hva de får til."
Dust of Daylight

"Them Feet osar amerikanska rötter med blues, bluegrass och singer-songwriter-anda och skulle lätt kunna tas för ett svenskt svar på Eddie Vedder. Men så finns det något unikt över allt det där."

"Han har ett sätt att sjunga som fängslar. Som är så övertygande att det får mig att tro på varje litet ord"
Barrometern OT

"Lyssna och njut"

”Tom Levin levererar bra, inget snack om saken”

"Lägg ett öra eller två extra och lyssna på hans texter, här finns mycket at hämta och fröjdas av."
Björn G Stenberg, Uppsala Nya Tidning

"Sånger som förtjänar en bred publik."
Anders Mårtensson, Kistianstadsbladet 

Reviews of the album Tooth and Claw

”Tooth and Claw is by far one of the best albums of 2011 thus far.”
Reviewed by Andrea Guy, 9 out of 10

"Tom Levin is an artist to be reckoned with. His uncompromising style of writing and his hones vocals will stand the test of time and see him reach the hearts and ears of many for years to come."
Cashbox Magazine, Canada

”Few singer-songwriters are equally able to sing and write with such passion and conviction as Levin does.”
Reviewed by Heath Andrews, 5 stars (out of 5)

”Coupled with literary devices and a songwriting style where less is more but the song continually grows to the end, Levin’s deep Randy Travis vocals makes every track a work of art.”“Tooth and Claw is a fine example of music written for the sake of itself ; not to be popular or catchy, but to simply relate to others.”
Review by Kelly O’Neil, Rating: 4 out of 5

”Nothing beats the sense of discovery that comes along with exposure to new music, such as Levin’s work.” … “It doesn’t take a genius to recognize Levin’s obvious natural talent. Let’s hope the rest of the world catches on just as quickly.”
Review by Dan MacIntosh, Rating 5 stars (out of 5)

”It’s as beautiful as it is heartrending.”
Review by Nick DeRiso, 5 out of 5

”His lyrics beg to be listened to and his melodies are those of hit records.  Americana, country, pop and gospel influences are heard throughout the album.”
Review by Vinny “Bond” Marini, Rating:  3 Stars (out of 5)

Tom Levin is a masterful songwriter with an understated touch that is not an affectation but an extension of self.”
Review by Wildy Haskell, Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

”With lyrics that connect at the heartstrings along with the head and a musical signature that leaves listeners wanting more, Levin is a must-hear artist"
Review by Andrew Greenhalgh, Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5) 

From up tempo alt country tracks to folk and jazz infused ballads, each song brings immense diversity.”
Review by Annie Reuter, 4 out of 5

”He sings like a native speaker, and he performs Americana and roots rock so convincingly that one could easily assume that Tooth and Claw is the work of someone who has lived in the United States or Canada his entire life”
Reviewed by Alex Henderson, Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

"This album takes us on a cinematic journey down the open road of our emotions and consciousness. The songs are pensive, with a true sense of Americana and a definite sense of place: you can almost see the highways and neon signs illuminating the dark nights."
Nordic Sounscapes, Brian Hobbs

"Det som vid första lyssningen framstår som okomplicerat och avskalat efter hand ger allt djupare avtryck och intryck. Jag kan bara kapitulera."
Värmlands Folkblad, Björn Stefanson

"Det här är toner som kommer att slå an en sträng i mångas hjärtan. Varje låt har sin egen karaktär och Levin en känsla för melodier. Den avskalade lägereldssättningen korsas med en syntetisk känsla där Willie Nelson och Daniel Lanois möter U2 och David Grey."
Dalarnas Tidning, Fredrika Hillervik

"Albumet är en eftertänksam resa genom livet med Tom Levins lätt trotsiga livsmod. Singeln ”Evermore” om att leva i nuet, har ett beat som känns livgivande bland alla reflekterande och eftertänksamma arrangemang och texter. Kanske är det inte hitkänsla, men det är ett försiktigt jublande konstaterande att livet vinner."
Kulturbloggen, Cecilia Dalman Eek

"Den som lyssnat något på Tom Levin tidigare kommer genast att märka en viss skillnad. På Tooth and claw är allting mer genomgående avskalat och naket än på sina föregångare. Och det klär honom utmärkt. Man kommer närmare rösten och hans berättelser som förtjänar att lyssnas på."
Barometern, Dennis Andersson

"Han har en typisk berättarstämma, svenske Tom Levin, i sin djupa och uttrycksfulla röst. På sitt nya album Tooth and Claw har han dragit ned på de stora arrangemangen till förmån för en mer avskalad ljudbild. Det gör att hans stillsamt pregnanta sångröst framträder än tydligare. Det har helheten vunnit på. Inte minst innebär det att hans texter och utsökta melodier får en än större tyngd."
Upsala Nya Tidning, Björn G Stenberg

"Tom Levin gör inget som inte gjorts förut. En singer/songwriter som står bekvämt tillbakalutad mot en amerikansk tradition. Men han gör det bra."
Västerbottens Folkblad, Niclas Holmlund

"En samling låtar där berättandet står i centrum. Det är inte direkt muntert, å andra sidan inte deprimerande heller utan reflekterande och något sorgset."
Norran, Per Strömbro

”Det är inte svårt att höra att svenske Tom Levin varit bosatt i USA. Hans avskalade och skönt tillbakalutande countryinfluerade singer/songwriter-musik bottnar en hel del i bland annat sentida Johnny Cash.”
Allenhanda, Peter Carlsson


Reviews of previous albums

"Tom Levin put the crowning touch on the Lucia Night concert. He sounds damn good on CD, but he’s totally irresistible and something extraordinary when heard live."
Lilith Eve

"A jaw dropper. Choirs wait behind every corner. I’ll have to listen to it many times before I dare to believe that it’s real!"
Casino P4, Lisa Wall

"Throughout all of the songs there is a beautiful and relaxed attitude, and Tom’s voice is a big part of that /…/ Behind the CD’s ingenious title, there are a whole lot quality songs that have Tom Levin written all over them. /…/ There’s inspiration here from blues and gospel, there are many strong melodies. The lyrics to You don’t need your God are understated and definitely demand reflection. An interesting new release."
Norrbottens-Kuriren, Micke Forsberg

"A tasteful mix of singer-songwriter, pop, gospel, country and a drop of jazz. The album reaches its greatest heights in the collaboration with Immanuel gospel on the tracks Save me now, Throw in a t-shirt and You don’t need your god, but the material is strong throughout and I am really taken with it" /…/ "Me, my band that I älskar, Kasper and a bunch of friends sounds so good that I can’t stop playing it./…/, Roger Bengtsson

"Sumptuous and fatal rock poetry"

"Check out `I miss her missing me´. That’s exactly how it feels."
Fredrik Virtanen, Aftonbladet

"These are songs so surprisingly strong that they deserve the best possible framework/…/ Tom Levin writes very good lyrics; it doesn’t even seem strange when he becomes a bit didactic. We can only hope that listeners will appreciate his great songs, appealing arrangements and genuine craftsmanship."
Värmlands Folkblad, Björn Stefanson

"Magical, low-key alternative rock. A blend between the majesty of Pink Floyd and the subtle presence of a singer-songwriter /…/ This unbelievably well-crafted album makes you feel good in every way."
Nya Wärmlands Tidningen, Anna Sims

"Tom Levin is a melody creator of rank /…/ After an upward rise throughout the whole concert, we are taken down again and the calming I thank you ends the evening. This thank-you song to Tom Levin’s family seems just as much like a thank-you song to those of us in the audience. I’m still humming."
Konsertrecension,, Mattias Jägerskog

"Tom Levin is an unusual Swedish artist, in part because of the time he spent in Alaska and Australia and in part because of the sound of his music. Tom Levin's music is as American sounding as anything coming out of the states. His mix of americana, country, bluegrass, pop and even gospel would fit on just about any AAA station in this country (compare to Josh Rouse, Robert Earl Keen or Joe Henry). "