Watch and be inspired! 

I’m very proud to have organized this project together with The House of Songs. But most of all I’m proud to call these extremely talented artists and lovely people my friends. Our international collaboration with fourteen artists from five different countries was captured on film by Mario Troncoso (Multi-Emmy Award Winner) and his brilliant team. The first result is an 30 minute episode part of PBS series Arts in Context aired all over North America.


Video for History, Beliefs and Bearded Men

It’s the second video I’ve filmed and edited myself. I wrote the song after talking to a man from Iran at a car rental office i Toronto. It’s about absolutism, relative truths, religion and culture. Nobody really knows so let’s all do the best we can to understand things that don’t make sense to us. 


SweFolk - web site

I've initiated SweFolk

SweFolk's vision is to create long-term collaborations giving Swedish folk artists and songwriters a natural doorway to the North American market.

Read more about SweFolk and its projects at


Magic with the Porch Sessions!

I ran into some friends in the lobby and one hour later we had spontaneously recorded my song ”June’s Memory Lane”. In the video I also tell the story behind the song. Thank you The Porch Sessions, Drew Young, Sofie Hendrickx and Live at Heart for making it possible and thank you Karin Thyr and Göran Eriksson  for lending me your magic.


Official Showcase at Folk Alliance 2016

I am pleased to inform you that Tom Levin has been accepted for an official showcase at the Folk Alliance International Conference, February 17-21, 2016 in Kansas City, Missouri. ..."


Exhibition with art from Different Drum

Right now I have an exhibition at The Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm with processed still frames from the music video that I produced for my song Different Drum. The exhibition will last until November 28th. Read more about it.


Tom Levin på Musikvideotoppen

Thunder On at Musikvideotoppen for 10 weeks

The music video for my song ”Thunder On” has been top five at Musikvideotoppen for a maximum of 10 weeks. The video was edited by Photographer Johan Töpel. Thank you everyone who voted!


I received Live at Heart’s Songwriting Award!

"Tom Levin is a complete singer / songwriter. A brilliant composer, lyricist, singer and guitarist, with a remarkable ability to convince the listener that every little word is true. Tom's songwriting is constantly evolving, and for each new record his respectability with critics and audiences grows. Music full of soul and passion."


New video for "Different Drum"

”Different Drum” is the first video I’ve edited myself. As we all know the typical hard rock fan of the eighties made a living as an airport marshaller waving his illuminated beacons pretending to be a drummer in Guns’n Roses. The time these aircraft marshalling eighties rockers didn’t pretend to be drummers they dreamt of figure-skating. Watch it on YouTube


Thunder On number one at Musikvideotoppen

Thunder On straight in at number one

The music video for my song "Thunder On" (directed by Johan Töpel) went straight in at number one on Musikvideotoppen. Thank you everyone who voted and please vote again at Musikvideotoppen.


Thunder On på Musikvideotoppen

The "Thunder On" video on Musikvideotoppen!

"Som med energin från en skenande bisonoxe så river Tom Levin igång veckans utmanarlista med videon ”Thunder On”. Låten är tagen från albumet ”Them Buffalo” som är hans sjätte studioalbum." Rösta/Vote Musikvideotoppen


Tom Levin, Thunder On video, The Huffington Post

Exclusive feat. in The Huffington Post

"Thunder On' is inspired by the buffalo at my sister and her husband's farm Little Pitchfork Ranch in Alaska. Ever since I first got in contact with the buffalo I've been very fascinated with the animal and that naturally lead me to Native Americans and their wisdom. I picture the song being a conversation between an older Indian and a younger person coming of age."
Read the article and watch the video (scroll down to find it).

2015-05-05 premieres Tom Levin's video Thunder On premieres video for "Thunder On"

Arena is proud to premiere Tom Levin's stunning and gorgeously crafted video for his latest single "Thunder On." The second release from his 2014 albumThem Buffalo, "Thunder On" has been gaining attention in both Sweden and in the North America, and it has become one of the most played tracks on several U.S. Americana radio stations.
Read more about the video and watch it


Out of the Woods Radio

More adds on radio in North America

Radio stations in North America keep adding music from ”Them Buffalo & Them Feet” with ”Thunder On” being the most played track. So far played by: Big Star 97​, CKUA Radio Network​, KCR 107.7​, KC Cafe Radio​ KDNK Carbondale Community Access Radio​, KOPN Columbia Missouri 89.5 fm​, KDHX​, 90.1 FM KPFT Houston​, KUAR FM 89.1​/From Albion And Beyond​, KUCI​/Howdylicious, KVNF Mountain Grown Public Radio​, 'Out of the Woods Radio' with Jon 'Chip' Colcord​, Radio Free Palmer 89.5 FM​, Radio Free Americana​, WBZC, Z889 The Pulse of South Jersey​/Roots Rock Review, WCNI 90.9 FM​, Impact 89FM - WDBM​/Torch  and Twang, Community Radio WERU 89.9 FM​, Public Radio 89.5 WETS​, WHAY​, WHUS Radio​/Dark Side Highway, WildmanSteve Radio​, WLUW-FM 88.7​/ Razor and Die Show Page​, Morehead State Public Radio (WMKY-90.3FM)​, WRIR 97.3 fm Richmond Independent Radio​/Lost Music Saloon, WRRW-LP​, WYCE​, Thank you all for playing my music! It means a lot to me. 2014-04-21

Interview in Search Magazine (only in Swedish)

When the women on Team SCA rounded Cape Horn they threw a wreath into the sea in memory of his mentor Magnus "Mange" Olsson. Sailing Magazine Search Magazine has an article about the song "King Neptune" that I wrote in memory of Mange. They also show the music video that is edited by Gustav Morin who sailed with Management at Ericsson 3. Read the interview


Keeps getting added by U.S. Radio

Radio stations in the U.S. keep adding ”Them Buffalo & Them Feet” with ”Thunder On” being the most played track. The album climbs to #383 at the AMA Chart (Americana Music Association). So far played by: Big Star 97, CKUA, Don Chisholm, KDNK, KOPN, KUAR/From Albion And Beyond, KUCI/Howdylicious, Radio Free Americana, Radio Free Palmer, WBZC/Roots Rock Review, WDBM/Prog Torch Twang, WHAY, WHUS/Dark Side Highway, Wildman Steve, WLUW/Razor and Die, WRIR/Lost Music Saloon, WRRW and WYCE.


"Thunder On" on U.S. radio AMA

”Thunder On” debuts at AMA in the U.S.

U.S. radio just started playing songs from Them Buffalo & Them Feet with ”Thunder On” being the most played track. The album ”Them Feet” debuts at #441 and ”Them Buffalo” at #442 at AMA.

So far played by: KDNK, KUCI, WBZC, WHAY, WHUS, WLUW, WRIR, WRRW, WYCE, and Radio Free Americana.


Mind's Eye - Song of the week - Brooklyn Fawn

"Mind's Eye" - Song of the week

Mind's Eye is song of the week at the Brooklyn Fawn. 


Got My Head In The Clouds - review Them Buffalo - Tom Levin

"Tom's vocals are spot-on"

"Tom brings his eclectic set of sounds to an international audience ... The album showcases many sides of folk, while stringing the songs together with a common thread. Tom's vocals are spot-on, fitting perfectly with his intricate guitar playing and other various instruments. ... Tom Levin's "Them Buffalo" is a well rounded record, which will hopefully grace the ears of many." Got My Head In The Clouds


The Great Record Chase - Tom Levin - Inspiration

Interview in The Great Record Chase

Releasing two budding albums in 2014, Them Feet and Them Buffalo, the folk laden records are intricate and beautiful; creating harmonious songs throughout both. Let us get more familiar with Tom. 
Name three albums or artists that influenced your musical styling you play today and why they are important to you. What made them so influential to you? ...


Buzznet - review of Them Buffalo - Tom Levin

"Will intice your ears and mind"

Sweden’s Tom Levin releases an impressive collection of songs with “Them Buffalo,” released the tail end of 2014. The sixth record from this musical mastermind ... Familiar with his lead single “Mind’s Eye” which was well-received by listeners and critics alike, I decide to dive further into the world of Mr. Levin. “Them Buffalo” proves to be an upbeat folk oriented record that will entice your ears and mind immediately.


Puremzine Tom Levin's a unique musician

Them Buffalo - gaining popularity

‘Them Buffalo’ was released in late November of 2014 and has been steadily gaining popularity in alternative music circles. Rave reviews  / … / Tom Levin is a unique musician with an authentic sound, his gruff voice and enchanting instrumentals make for a compelling album. ‘Them Buffalo’ uses American mysticism and folklores to create an album of short stories with a country and western feel.”

2015-02-12 - Tom Levin - Them Buffalo

Interview in

"On his newest album, 'Them Buffalo,' the Swedish singer-songwriter gives his mystical take on indie folk that is brilliant and captivating, and it's a little familiar in sound." ... I recently had the opportunity to speak with Tom Levin regarding his latest release at the launch of his new single, "Mind's Eye." Read the interview at


Bästa albumen 2014, Tom Levin, Them Feet

"Them Feet" one of the best albums of 2014

The Swedish newspaper Bohusläningen presents what they think are the best albums of 2014 and "Them Feet" is on the list. They mention "As Long As It's Good" as the best track on the album.
Bohusläningen, Lasses Musikblogg 


The Vinyl District Premiering Tom Levin's Mind's Eye

TVD Premier, Tom Levin's Mind's Eye in the US

"Swedish singer-songwriter Tom Levin’s Them Buffalo is work full of substance and grit. A kind of anti-venom for whitewashed indie music that is often touted as “authentic.” We have the pleasure of premiering Tom’s single “Mind’s Eye” which is one of the more arresting tracks off the album. Full of lighthearted poetry and saintly aspirations, the song powers through the speakers on a pilgrimage for the truth—seen through the mind’s eye." Read more


Tom Levin's Them Feet and Them Buffalo on the Best Of 2014 List

"Them Feet" and "Them Buffalo" - Best of 2014

The music site The Rock And Roll Report has listed what they think are the best albums of 2014 and both "Them Feet" and "Them Buffalo" have made it into the list. And my song "June's Memory Lane" is mentioned as one of best songs of 2014.


Review, Them Buffalo, Tom Levin, Wildy's World

"The finest album i have heard in 2014"

Tom Levin continues to grow into his prodigious talent as a songwriter and performer. It’s hard to say if he’s approaching a zenith or continuing a long slow build to something even more renowned, but the fact that he has hit new heights is inescapable. In spite of several releases from artists I absolutely love in 2014, it is not stretching the point to say that Tom Levin’s "Them Buffalo" is the finest album I have heard in 2014. You will be hard pressed to disagree. Wildy's World

The Porch Sessions "Father To A Son"

Interview and performing my song "Father To A Son" live on the streets of Örebro when The Porch Sessions visited Live At Heart in Sweden earlier this fall.


Tom Levin's Them Buffalo - "a work of art"

Them Buffalo - "Work of art"

”Them Buffalo, his latest 10-track work of art. I use the phrase work of art here rather than record or album because it truly is one.” / … / ”Them Buffalo is nothing all too clean-cut – and that’s exactly how it should be. Levin is gruff, and he tells it like it is through accounts of love, bison, bearded men, and varying personalities. What results is a hauntingly beautiful, honest account of life.” Good Vibes Music Reviews