Producer duo Dark LamaTwo new albums 2014. Challenge myself

I've recorded two new albums for 2014. The first "Them Feet" will be released January 29 and the second in August.

I’ve produced the records together with producer duo Dark Lama. “Preserve mistakes, keep it earthy, let go of control, defy the genre and experiment with sound and form. These were our main guidelines going into the studio. Part of the challenge was also to use and find a new context for instruments that I usually don’t like. But the biggest challenge was to write only positive lyrics or lyrics that made me laugh.


Tom Levin, Joel Deluna and Aimee Bobruk at The House of SongsAnother TV clip from The House of Songs

I've had a fantastic week with a bunch of song-writers from Sweden, Canada and the U.S. We've spent four days out in the woods writing songs together and then performing them at Live at Heart in Örebro, Sweden.

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Tom Levin and Bobby Sant at The House of SongsThe House of Songs in Bergslagen

Since Saturday I've had the great privilege of being part of something called The House of Songs. I've been given te opportunity to write songs with a bunch of fantastic songwriters from around the world. Troy Campbell, Michael Blair, V Marc Fort, Aimee Bobruk, Bobby Sant, Joel Deluna, Joacim Dubbelman, Linda Sahlberg, Anna-Karima Holm, Dylan Guthro and Mo Kenney.

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Tom Levin at Live at HeartInterviewed by Live at Heart (only in Swedish)

Han ger konserter, deltar i en paneldebatt och är med på skrivarläger. Mångsidige Tom Levin har fullt upp på årets Live at Heart.

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Tom Levin at Live at HeartPlaying at Live at Heart in Örebro

I've been invited to speak on a panel at Live at Heart in Örebro and I will also have 3 gigs between the 4th and 7ths of September

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Tom Levin is playing at Canadian Music WeekIn Memory of Magnus "Mange" Olsson

My friend Magnus ”Mange” Olsson passed away earlier this spring. He’s a legend within the ocean racing world and one of the most inspiring persons I’ve ever known. To his honor I wrote the song ”King Neptune” that I perform at his memorial service June 16th. You’ll find Mange’s ”Minnesfond” at


Tom Levin Reviewed in Cashbox MagazineReview in Cashbox Magazine Canada

"Tom Levin is an artist to be reckoned with. His uncompromising style of writing and his honest vocals will stand the test of time and see him reach the hearts and ears of many for years to come."

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Tom Levin is playing at Canadian Music WeekI'm playing CMW in Toronto in March

At the end of March I'm playing at Canadian Music Week int Toronto.
March 20th at Times Café @ 12:00AM and on March 22nd at The Marriott, Lounge Bar, Bay Street @ 9:00 PM.
19+ All wristbands accepted.

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